Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Game Is Afoot

Damn, more than a month since an update. Our apologies, but it's been a really wild month and it's peaking this weekend in Del Mar with the Sacred Craft Surfboard Show. We, along with a slew of other surfboard makers of all styles and flavors, will be there proudly displaying our fine product. There'll be something for everyone, and that's just our booth. E1 & E2 is where we're at, and the space will also hold Jon Wegener's outstanding range of alaias and finless sliders, Carl Ekstrom and his super future shapes, the shredders from Mick Mackie and a full new range of Hydrodynamica Test Pilot Series boards. (There's footage of some these prototypes being ripped over on the Hydrodynamica blog.) Better yet, you can try demo boards for yourself. 'll be at the official demo, Saturday 7am at 15th St Del Mar, as well as an unofficial one Suday 8am. Alaias, flextails and mini Sims will there to try. All quality, all weekend- come on by and say hello if you're in the area, check back to the blog if not as we'll have a gang of board pictures to post next week.