Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We Survived the US Open

So while the coast of CA was hit by the best swell in months on a beautiful sunny weekend, we sat amid the hordes at Huntington and showed off boards we were absolutely dying to get out in the water! Actually, it wasn't all that bad- the crods were largely nonsurfers which was a bit odd, but we met plenty of cool folks and between our boards and Jon Wegener's finless planks we drew some interested and/or bewildered visitors. Hit of the show was undoubtedly the fresh out of the glass shop next gen Simster- Joe has these things dialed in really hard and they were blowing a few minds 'Is that some sort of kneeboard?' No friend, you stand up and GO! Joe made a Saturday afternoon personal appearance which was pretty bonus, and fun was had. Next full blown Sacred Craft is 10/10/09 and we'll be there.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

US Open Of Surfing

OK, should you happen to be attending this event, try and find the Sacred Craft area as The Swift Movement will be represented, we'll be sharing a booth with Jon Wegener and displaying some of the newer surf craft output we've been doing. There will even be demo boards if you want to try one (no interfering on the heats though) and we're working on getting Joe Bauguess there to hang for a bit. I wonder what the mainstream surf crowd will make of alaias and Trilobites? We'll see.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Simsters at Mitch's La Jolla

Matuse of Mitch's with fresh Hydrodynamica Test Pilot Series
Simsters. 5'10" with double foil Gephart keels,
and a 5'6" with single foil Gephart keels.
These boards are more fun than Tijuana during Prohibition.
Straight outta IB via Joe Bauguess.

Monday, July 13, 2009


The beauty of ultra functional design is that there can be riffing done on it, and whole new things emerge. Over the last few years The Swift Movement has been dedicated to working with the designs of Bob Simmons, and there are progressive new boards emerging from the work that Joe, RK, John Elwell and the crew of test pilots are doing. Cases in point, the White Pony, a little swallow tailed cloud of a wave skate, and the Simster, a reworking of the classic Simmons design with some decidedly 21st century twists. These boards are now available for anyone wanting to live the future.