Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We Survived the US Open

So while the coast of CA was hit by the best swell in months on a beautiful sunny weekend, we sat amid the hordes at Huntington and showed off boards we were absolutely dying to get out in the water! Actually, it wasn't all that bad- the crods were largely nonsurfers which was a bit odd, but we met plenty of cool folks and between our boards and Jon Wegener's finless planks we drew some interested and/or bewildered visitors. Hit of the show was undoubtedly the fresh out of the glass shop next gen Simster- Joe has these things dialed in really hard and they were blowing a few minds 'Is that some sort of kneeboard?' No friend, you stand up and GO! Joe made a Saturday afternoon personal appearance which was pretty bonus, and fun was had. Next full blown Sacred Craft is 10/10/09 and we'll be there.

1 comment:

Danimal said...

Do you guys have a loaner of one the minisimms??

I have been wanting to ride one for a cool minute and I don't have the cheese to blow on one just to try. Haven't seen any fools around here that have one to borrow either.

I promise I will deliver full blog coverage and a pack of homebrew for ya.

I'm 5'8" 160ish in N. Orange Clownie if that means anything.